Soccer Speed Camp

Presents the 2019 Summer Soccer Speed Camp!

July 29 - August 2, 2019 from 6 to 7:45 PM

All-Star Sports Academy

1740 Route 9

Toms River, NJ

2 age groups

6 to 9 years old

10 to 13 years old

Soccer Players and Parents!

  • Do you have all the speed you want, when you want it?

  • Do you ever feel like you're just a little "behind" the play?

  • Did you know that the single most important physical skill desired by coaches at the most competitive levels of the game is speed?

  • What if you could gather the best speed, agility amd quickness coaches available in one place for a whole week, just to help YOU maximize your soccer "SAQ?"

Well, you're going to get your wish!

All-Star Sports Academy is committed once again to bringing you the best Soccer Speed Camp you will find...anywhere!

Spend 5 evenings with us and you will:

  • Learn our proven system for developing speed to burn! Gain the speed you need to close the gap and own the ball!

  • Develop the ability to make laser-like cuts and awesome lateral speed!

  • Acquire the physical skills needed to stop on a dime and change direction with ease!

  • Uncover the secrets to amazing footwork! Side-step defenders and leave them dumb-founded while you move away with the ball!

  • Discover how a killer first step is really developed! Start in a flash and out-run your opponents - at will!

  • Understand the meaning of real soccer conditioning...and how to get ready to play your best game all game, every game...all season!

  • Discover the secrets to being a "bullet-proof" soccer player! Learn why knee injuries, hamstring injuries and other nagging injuries just don't happen to our athletes!

How effective and fun is this camp?

Our Soccer Speed Camp has been voted "Best Summer Camp" in the Asbury Park Press Readers Poll!

So how much is this 5 day speed development camp?

Only $99.00!!

WOW! You can change your game and have a blast doing it for under a hundred bucks!

Register right here:

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Still not sure this is for your athlete? We understand. Read on...

Here's just a few of the key differences between our All-Star Sports Academy Soccer Speed Camp and many others...

Unlike so many other "speed camps" that throw your child into a huge, drill-based, boring and sweaty pile,




All-Star Sports Academy employs a progressive, age and neural development-based Speed, Agility and Quickness Development System that works with your child's age, athletic ability and "coachability quotient" to get the best possible results in the shortest amount of time while assuring one critical result:

Your child WILL have a blast at this Camp!

This year, we're holding our Soccer Speed Camp in our climate-controlled facility on Route 9 in Toms River!

That means no rain-outs, no muddy clothes, no brutal heat and humidity and more time to get speed done!

Here's a few photos of our previous speed camps and clinics:


No boring, repetitive, pointless drills run by teenagers who'd rather be somewhere else.

Just better, more effective and more fun!

Included in your camp fee:

  • An introduction to soccer mobility and flexibility to maintain a healthy, speed-ready body!

  • A camp tee shirt!

  • A Friday evening family BBQ with food, fun and prizes!

  • Early drop-off (5:40 PM) and late pick up (8:00 PM) all 5 nights!

  • Real athletic development that works...and stays with you!

  • A camp experience your athlete will remember...and talk about...for a long, long time!

Don't delay, register today!

Register right here:

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If you still have questions, please call us at 732-597-3725!

We'll see YOU at Camp!